«Lymanski zori»

is inviting everyone

take remote part in the third international multi-genre

festival-competition of Arts

Place: Mykolayiv

Competition schedule :

20.03.2021 - piano art

18.03.2021 - Last day of registration

19.03.2021 - Formation of protocols

20.03 - 21.03.2021 - Competition. Evaluation of performances. Summing up

22.03.2021 - Announcement of results on the website www.zori.com.ua and in the group on the facebook page at the link


27.03 - 28.03.2021 - Forming and sending awards


03.04.2021 - instrumental art (string, folk, wind, percussion instruments)

01.04.2021 - Last day of registration

02.04.2021 - Formation of protocols

03.04 - 04.04.2021 - Competition. Evaluation of performances. Summing up

05.05.2021 - Announcement of results on the website www.zori.com.ua and in the group on the facebook page at the link


10.04 - 11.04.2021 - Forming and sending awards


17.04.2021 - vocal art

15.04.2021 - Last day of registration

16.04.2021 - Formation of protocols

17.04 - 18.04.2021 - Competition. Evaluation of performances. Summing up

19.04.2021 - Announcement of results on the website www.zori.com.ua and in the group on the facebook page at the link


24.04 - 25.04.2021 - Forming and sending awards


15.05.2021 - choreographic art

13.05.2021 - Last day of registration

14.05.2021 - Formation of protocols

15.05 - 16.05.2021 - Competition. Evaluation of performances. Summing up

17.05.2021 - Announcement of results on the website www.zori.com.ua and in the group on the facebook page at the link


22.05 - 23.05.2021 - Forming and sending awards


22.05.2021 – pictorial and decorative arts

20.05.2021 - Last and day of registration

21.05.2021 - Form ents protocols

22.05 - 23.05.2021 - Competition. Evaluation of performances. Summing up

24.05.2021 - Announcement of results on the website www.zori.com.ua and in the group on the facebook page at the link


29.05 - 30.05.2021 - Forming and sending awards



with the support of Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Department of Culture, nationalities and religions of Mykolaiv regional state administration, Departament of education and science of Mykolaiv regional state administration «Lymanski zori» implementing the project 





Due to quarantine limitations, "Lymanski zori" is offering to take part in the festival-competition remotely.

To participate in the festival-competition invited Talented children, some amateur performers and creative teams, centers of national cultures, beginners and amateurs, centres of children's creativity, elementary educational institutions, schools of aesthetic education, pupils of Houses and Palaces of Culture, family groups, teachers. All talented individuals without age restrictions.       


To do this, you need:

Step 1. Share the video with your performance on YouTube resource. All your videos must be signed ! (Surname, name of the executor according to the submitted application). Participants of pictorial and decorative arts should send their work when applying for the festival.  

Step 2. Fill in the application form at the link: https://tinyurl.com/zori-anketa or through the website www.zori.com.ua (by clicking the "Анкета" button ) . WARNING! Data from the application (except for phone number and e-mail) are transferred to the diplomas! Try not to make mistakes!

We draw your attention! If you have more participants, you must fill out a separate application for each participant.

Step 3. After receiving application, details will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you to pay the charitable contribution. NECESSARILY wait for an email with details!

Step 4. Make a charitable contribution to the development of the festival.

Step 5. Wait for the results and awards .

If you have any difficulties either with filling an application or uploading a video, we advise you to call the organizing committee of the festival . In turn, if we have any questions about your application, we will call you or write a letter to solve these errors.


Instrumental art - genres: classical, folk, pop, jazz, chamber ensemble. 

On the tools:

  •     Piano, accordion, synthesizer…

  •     Strings: violin, cello, double bass…

  •     Folk instruments: accordion, bandura, guitar , domra, balalaika, etc.

  • Wind instruments: flute, clarinet, oboe , saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn and others.

  • Percussion instruments

  •     Instrumental ensembles and orchestras

  •     Execution of the author's work

Vocal (solo, duets, trios, quartets, ensembles, small shapes, folk groups, chorus, vocal show-groups) - genres: 

  •     Acadamic

  •     Variety

  •     National

  •     Jazz

Choreographic art (solo, duets, small forms, ensembles) - genres:

  • Folk dance 

  • Stylized folk dance, folk-ethnographic сollectives

  • Classical dance 

  • Modern choreography (Jazz, modern, jazz-modern, contemporary, dance theater, free plastic etc.)

  • Ballroom and sports dance (duets, stage forms)

  • Variety and sports dance

  • Children's choreography

Pictorial and decorative art (hand- made, drawings, paintings, graphic, paperplastic, sculpture, sand graphics, cover, photo-artist, ceramics, embroidery products from beads, pottery ... )

  • Paintings

  • Sculptures

  • Graphics

  • Decorative arts

  • Design

  • etс


Age requirements for piano art:

I-A category - 6-7 years

I category - 8-9 years

II category - 10-11 years

III category - 12-13 years

IV category - 14-15 years

V category - 16-18 years

V category - 19-100 years

Category "MASTER"


Age requirements for vocal, instrumental, choreographic and pictorial art participants:

I-A category - the youngest (3-5 years old )

I - the youngest (6-9 years)
II category - average (10-13 years)

III category - older (14-16 years)

IV category - youngsters (17-25 years)

V category – adults from 26 years

VI category - mixed 


Terms of participation are:


  • To participate in the competition of piano instrumental art, choreography, vocal, you need to submit one competitive product (composition).

  • Participants of Pictorial Arts need to submit from one participant at least one or two works in the form of a photo or video ( video (1.5 minutes) must be captured from different angles in one file ). The work is performed in free technique.

  • Participants have the right to participate in several nominations and genres by submitting a separate application and paying an additional charitable contribution.

  • Please check the registration of applications by calling the organizing committee - +38 (063) 226-229-6; +38 (063) 226-22-95


Video recording specifications:

  • It is allowed to use an external microphone (without processing audio signal). Not allowed!!! performance to the phonogram " + " and duplication of the melody in the accompaniment (double - track ). The use of recorded tracks and back-vocal parties is allowed (except back-vocal, based on duplicating of the main melody).

  • The video should be taken without turning off and stopping the video camera, from the beginning to the end of the work, without editing .

  • On recording it must be clearly visible completely - instuments, face and hands of contestant. For groups - must be clearly visible all pupils that are taking part in performance; 

  • Amateur format is allowed in compliance with all other conditions of the competition. The video which is not recorded in full, is not allowed to participate in the competition.


Criteria for evaluation and requirements to contestants 

Vocal: 1 song up to 4 minutes

Evaluation criteria:

  • Purity of intonation, clarity of diction

  • Voice characteristics ( timbre, strength, range)

  • Artistry, image, culture of performance

  • Aesthetics of costume and props


Instrumental music: up to 7 minutes

 Criteria for evaluating the instrumental genre:

  • The degree of mastery of the tool

  • Technique and skill of performing

  • Transfer of the main idea and character of the work


Choreography: up to 4 minutes

Evaluation criteria:

  • Performing skills

  • Musical and technical accompaniment

  • Costume aesthetics, stage culture

  • Acting skills

  • Energetic of performing and originality 

  • Use of stage space


Pictorial and decorative art: up to 2 works

Evaluation criteria:

  •     Technic of performance

  •     Creative individuality and skill of the author

  •     In accordance with the age category

  •     Color decision and aesthetic value

  •     Originality of the topic


The festival jury  

  • The competition program is evaluated by a jury consisting of the organizing committee (National and Honored Artists, Cultural and Arts Figures, show-business representatives, teachers of creative disciplines, directors, leaders of creative teams) with a 10-point scale. According to the results of the jury voting, the rating of the contestants is built, and the places are distributed.

  • The final composition of the jury is declared 10 days before the beginning of the festival-contest. The full jury will be announced on the website: www.zori.com.ua

  • The decision of the jury is made in the form of a protocol, is final and can not be appealed.

  • The results of the competition will be posted on the official website "Lymanski zori" , according to the competition schedule.

  • The jury may give additional awards for the participants at its discretion.

  • The jury has the right not to award the GRAND PRIX, or to divide it among the winning participants.

  • The jury has the right not to comment the performance of groups and individual performers.



The competition is non- commercial. All costs for the organization and holding of the REMOTE festival - art competition are done by the organizational contributions of the participants. Other sources of funding may be sponsorships and charitable contributions from partners, patrons, individuals and legal entities. All financial activities related to the organization and holding of the event are carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The charitable contribution to the development of the festival includes:

- ensuring the creative work of the jury and the director's team;

- providing participants with printing and souvenir products (diplomas, certificates, prizes, etc.);

- organization of technical support of competitive events .

Charitable contribution: (for the performance of ONE competition number in one nomination) with REMOTE participation:


  • Solo - 250 UAH

  • Duets - 200 UAH from each participant

  • Trio – 160 UAH from each participant

  • Quartet – 140 UAH from each participant 

  • Ansambles from 5 persons to 9 persons - 130 UAH from each participant

  • from 10 to 20 people – 100 UAH from each participant

  • more than 20 people – 50 UAH from each participant

  • Pictorial art - 175 UAH from one participant (1- 2 works)


For participants from other countries and the conditions for holding DIPLOMAS by e-mail, the charitable contribution is:

  •     Solo - 180 UAH

  •     Duets - 250 UAH

  •     Trio – 300 UAH

  •     Quartets - 350 UAH

  •     Ansamble (5-7) - 70 UAH from each participant

  •     Ensemble (8-12) - UAH 50 from each participant

  •     Collectives (from 13 people) - 35 UAH from each participant



If the contestant wishes to perform not one, but two competition numbers, he will pay 50% of the number for the performance of the second number.

Participants with disabilities take part in the festival-competition without paying a charitable contribution; Orphans, children deprived of parental care are participating by providing payment of 50% of the room rate.


After receiving the application, to the e-mail address specified by you


details for payment of charitable contribution.


wait for the letter with details!

In the receipt it is necessary to specify the full name of the contestant, or the name of the collective, after payment, scan or take a picture, and send it to the e-mail address of the organizing committee. Warning! indicate "CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION" in the receipt  


Prizes and awards

- soloists, duets, trios and quartet are awarded with nominal diplomas of the winner along III, II, I degree and prize-winner in nominations and age categories, commemorative medals, statuettes;

- Collectives - Winners from 5 members are awarded with diploma of the winners of III, II, I degree and prize-winner in nominations and age categories, cup, or memorable statuettes, or medals;

For an extra fee you can order the required number of diplomas, cups and medals by the message to the organizers at e-mail:  

- BEST participant (solo or collective) is awarded as a "Grand Prix" of the festival - competition (by jury decision). Holder of "GRAND PRIX" receives an award - a Grand Prix Cup, a certificate for free participation in the next festival in person / in absentia, a diploma.


Special diplomas for consideration by the jury: " The brightest number ", " The brightest participant ", " Future star " , " The highlight of the festival " , etc.


Thanks to all the leaders and the accompanist of the frames, to the leader of the best performers - the certificate " Best Leader" .

Those wishing to receive additional diplomas, statuettes, medals can additionally order.

Participants receive awards, cups, diplomas by Nova Poshta (the participants of the Festival pay for delivery services ).


Contact telephones :
+38 (063) 226-22 - 95 (Viber) - Olena, +38 (063) 226-22 - 96 - Igor Mikhailovich


e-mail: orgmus@i.ua

website: www.zori.com.ua



Organizers of the festival «Lymanski zori»